Shows I Attended: Asher Roth @ Key Club (4/5)

Sunday ended up not being much of a “day of rest”.

I began my day running errands to set-up a listening session for Asher Roth’s (April 20th release) “Asleep In The Bread Aisle” at Turntable Lab down in L.A. Despite Asher not being able to show up at the event, plenty of Los Angeles’ tastemakers did make their way over to get their first listen of Asher’s debut release. Needless to say we set-up some beer pong tables, and Red Bull, Belvedere and Pabst Blue Ribbon (beer) all came out to support the event and get all the patrons a little tipsy on a Sunday afternoon. Props to the entire Turntable staff, as well as everybody who came out and supported the event.

After the listening session, I made my way over to the Key Club to see Asher Roth’s performance at the Key Club. Before Asher took the stage, I got the chance to see another up-and-comer that I’m really anticipating, B.o.B (aka Bobby Ray). B.o.B is an emcee out of Atlanta that has been cutting some amazing tracks as far as I’m concerned. HOWEVER, his live show left much to be desired. Performing with a DJ, guitarist and drummer, B.o.B’s presence onstage was cool, but he still has a ways to go as far as bringing it all together, and making sure his band sounds tight and together. Onto Asher…

For those that are going to hate anyway, let’s just get this out of the way: I’m a fan of Asher Roth. The inner frat-boy in me loves and misses college (read: drinking, women, smoking… “college” things), and Asher embodies plenty of my undergrad life-style.

Dude killed it. Asher performed with an incredibly dope DJ, as well as a band that definitely held their own also. Although he might have spoken a little much between songs, he rocked out! For a debut artist, and a 15 years and up show, Asher had the crowd eating out of his hands. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to “Asleep In The Bread Aisle” (even though I’ve been listening for a couple weeks now)… but Asher Roth’s live show definitely increased my anticipation of his debut.

Peep the video Nano and the homies at shot at the listening party and show:

Asher Roth Live @ The Key Club (04-05-09) from Section 8 Studios on Vimeo.


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