Shows I Attended: Rye Rye @ Cinespace (4/14)

So after dealing with a decent number of “hipsters” on Monday night, I decided to put myself through the ringer and head over to Cinespace the very next day.

“Why would I do that?” you ask?

Well, none other than MIA’s (dubbed) protege, Rye Rye happened to be performing.

The Baltimore scene has really started to blow-up as of late. Basically Baltimore has this up-tempo house / dance-rap that is starting to finally get some shine outside of the B-More area. Artists like Spank Rock, DJ Class, Rye Rye, etc. are really starting to get some light and collab with bigger artists, as well as land label deals.

Anyway, there were plenty of hipsters in the building to check-out Rye Rye’s set and she didn’t disappoint. Her set was filled with energy, with two back-up dancers rockin’ along with her awfully hard. To be honest, I couldn’t imagine moving that much in that crowded, hot-ass club.

I was standing literally 3 feet away from M.I.A the entire set, and there were rumors M.I.A was going to make her way to the stage to perform with her artist. Unfortunately she ended up just laying low and ducking out of the venue quickly and quietly after the performance.

Rye Rye is signed to M.I.A’s label N.E.E.T.

For more info, as well as to get an idea of some of Rye Rye’s original material, check out her MySpace Page.


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