Shows I Attended: Mika @ The Roxy (4/15)

My life seems to be non-stop shows as of late… but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as I’m still having fun (right?).

Wednesday night I switched out of the hipster-scene and got to go see a semi-secret live performance by Mika. For those that aren’t familiar, Mika is…well extremely flamboyant. I might take some slack for this, but his record Life In Cartoon Motion was/is amazing. It was released in 2007 here in the States, and it quickly became one of my guilty-pleasure discs of the year. His range is reminscent of Freddie Mercury’s at times on that album. With a huge, amazing voice, and some catch-as-hell pop-tunes… Life In Cartoon Motion found plenty of spins in my car, with the windows rolled up.

Anyway, Wednesday night Mika’s agency put together a FREE show (on 3-days notice) and there were all kinds of people that showed up to watch Mika perform live.

His show was crazy. Although a few people weren’t necessarily impressed with his vocal abilities live-in-person, Mika knows how to entertain. Before his set, there was even a burlesque dancer. You can imagine how awkward that must’ve been for parents who had brought their little ones to the venue. His set was filled with plenty of dancin and great, catchy music. Hell, his set was ended with confetti being sprayed all over the stage and crowd. This artist definitely knows how to ham it up and get his fans excited.

Mika performed for close to an hour, and the crowd might as well have been on stage with him. It was amazing to see/hear how much of the audience knew the lyrics to songs such as “Grace Kelly”, “Big Girl”, “Love Today” and more. The biggest reaction definitely came from “Grace Kelly” which he began his set with, and with which he finished his encore.

He also performed a few new songs which went over well. Check out the video for his new song “Blame It On The Boys”.

This was definitely a fun event for fans, that caused a good amount of buzz for the artist as he preps his sophomore release. For more check out the MySpace page.


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