Shows I Attended: Lykke Li “DJ Set” @ The Standard – Hollywood (4/13)

Okay so I apologize for the hiatus on the blog… Let’s just get right into it.

Last Monday I attended a “DJ set” by Lykke Li. I use the quotations because I’m using the term “DJ set” loosely here, particularly as I was informed by another DJ that she was going to use an iPod player plugged directly into the tables.

Note to “DJs”: using an iPod player to play music doesn’t make you a DJ.

Anyway, the Standard is a cool spot (I guess). The bar is back behind the diner-area, and as far as the Hollywood club-scene is concerned, I guess this place is relatively laid-back / chill.

Lykke Li’s DJ set was kind of strange, as she would play some great music, but then switch over to something else that had much of the crowd questioning what the hell she was playing.

With that said, the hipsters turned-out in force to check-out Lykke Li up-close and in-person… in all, it wasn’t an awulf time I suppose.

Despite being disappointed in her set, I’m still a fan of Lykke Li and her last album.

The thing that’s cool about an artist like Lykke Li is that she (and her music) transcends so many different genres. She’s not afraid to go out-of-the-box and try something different. Check out this video of her performing a bit of Tribe’s “Can I Kick It” live before leading into “I’m Good, I’m Gone”.

Check out the video for her single “I’m Good, I’m Gone” here.

For more information, check out Lykke Li’s MySpace Page.


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