Music I Bought: The Essential Michael Jackson

March 14, 2009


Lately I’ve been on a Motown kick… For those that don’t know, 2009 is the observed 50th Anniversay of the legendary Motown Records. I say “observed” because, techinally, Berry Gordy called his record label “Tamla Records” for a year+ before changing the name to Motown. Being from SE-Michigan, I grew up in a house that played a lot of Motown. Furthermore, growing up as an “80s baby”, Michael Jackson wasn’t just the “king of pop” of music to me… he was music.

Anyway, today I was spending some time browsing iTunes and I noticed that iTunes had a steal of a deal of 38 Michael Jackson songs for only $12.99.

Sure, I could’ve asked Motown to send over the 2-disc set, but I wanted the collection NOW! For $12.99, and the pure simpicity alone of just clicking the “buy” button on my iTunes… I went ahead and made the purchase. I’m not mad at that price at all! Hell, with tracks from his Jackson 5 days, as well as his solo-hits… for that price, I’d be silly not to make that purchase!

Michael is a legend, and forever will be the King of Pop. Hate on my purchase if you want, but with the recently announced tour-dates, and everything going on for Motown’s 50th Anniversary… oh, and for Detroit being my 2nd home (after Ann Arbor), this collection was well worth the price!

For more information on my purchase, please check out iTunes! or even the link!


Video – Buff1 “Dream Streets”

January 8, 2009

The video and music speaks for itself…