Shows I Attended: Madcon @ Area (4/8)

Wow, so I worked a 7am-2am day on Wednesday…but it was worth it!

Madcon is a hip-hop duo out of Norway, signed to Universal Republic. I’ll repeat that, because I know it probably reads pretty ridiculous. Madcon is a hip-hop duo out of Norway.

In 2008, these guys had Europe’s 2nd biggest single, “Beggin'”. Selling 3x platinum in 3 days in Norway, they definitely have a large European fan-base, and after spending my entire day with the guys you can definitely see why. Yosef and Tshawe are two high-energy guys who are both hilarious and humble.

They had a slew of radio interviews and meetings to attend between the couple things I was able to set-up for them…and they did everything without a complaint.

My day with Madcon began at the L.A Live Nation offices in Beverly Hills. The guys woo-ed and wow-ed the Live Nation staff by jumping on the conference table and doing an impromptu performance of their song “Beggin'” (samples The Four Season’s song of the same name).

Later in the afternoon the good folks at HardknockTV (Nick and Mark) did an extremely entertaining interview and one-song performance. Check out the performance here:

The last interview we were able to secure was with GoTV’s Hip Hop Official channel. Despite it being late in the day, Madcon had plenty of energy and really took over the interview portion of the taping with their humor and playing off each other exceptionally well. Props to Daylan and the entire Hip Hop Official crew for being so patient (we were a bit late) and running a dope interview and performance with the guys.

Despite being up since 7am, my day wasn’t over… Madcon still had to perform at the West Hollywood club, Area, down on La Cienega. Performing just before 1am, the guys jumped on stage and performed a couple songs for an excited club-hopping crowd.

Peep a short video recap I took of my day w/ Madcon:

Madcon’s U.S debut is slated for a September 2009 release. For more information, check out their myspace page.


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