Shows I Attended: Quick SXSW Recap


Wow… so I haven’t made a post on here in a minute. In fairness, I was out all last week down in Austin for my 2nd SXSW Festival.

After last year, I vowed I’d never miss another year. 2009 was slightly more work than I remember 2008 being, but it was still an amazing year. The entire week (music portion) is just one gigantic party. Years ago it was described to me as “spring break for the music industry”, it wasn’t until last year that I fully grasped that concept.

Hell, I can’t give you a rundown on each act I saw for many reasons including: 1) being way too drunk, 2) being stressed working, 3) being overwhelmed with how much goes on at any given minute.

What I will say is this, props to The Smoking Section (TSS) and for putting on an amazing hip-hop showcase. Props to Red Bull for putting on a party (albeit a truly dope party) way out in the boondocks. Props to the SXSW staff for continuing to find ways to get hip-hop music more and more involved into the fest.

I had an amazing time.

On a side note: what makes Red Bull think it’s a great idea to throw a party where they basically only serve Red Bull until 5am? How am I supposed to sleep after that?

Here’s a brief rundown of some of the shows I got to see:

Kid Sister @ Speakeasy
Data Rock @ Speakeasy

some acts @ Purevolume (1am)

Hockey @ Filter party
Other Lives @ Filter party
Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears @ Filter Party
Mayer Hawthorne / A-Side showcase @ Purevolume
some other acts @ Red Bull Moon Tower

Idle Warship @ Filter Party
Blue Scholars @ TSS / Nahright showcase
Buff1 @ TSS / Nahright showcase
Tanya Morgan @ TSS / Nahright showcase
Blu & Exile @ TSS / Nahright showcase
The Juggs @ Waxpoetics Showcase
Mayer Hawthorne & The County @ Waxpoetics Showcase
HISD @ Wax poetics Showcase
Chin Chin @ Waxpoetics Showcase
Brownout @ Waxpoetics Showcase
9dw @ Waxpoetics Showcase
Von Bondies @ Red Bull Moon Tower
DJ Class @ Red Bull Moon Tower
Shwayze @ Red Bull Moon Tower
Kid Cudi @ Red Bull Moon Tower

BRMG event @ Prague
Buff1 / Now On / Invincible / Finale @ Back Alley Social
Solange @ Buffalo Billiards


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