Shows I Attended: Estelle @ House of Blues – Anaheim (3/6)

Last Friday, a couple of us made the drive down to Disneyland (Anaheim) to check-out the Estelle tour.

Actually, I was there to check-out two of the opening acts on the Universal Motown label, Suai and Hal Linton.

Suai is a young R&B artist, originally hailing from Detroit. While Hal is originally from Barbados. Each artist performed two songs early in the evning, and definitely seemed to have the crowd’s attention. They’re both young artists with large voices, so definitely be sure to check-out their MySpace pages.

After the Motown duo each did their own thing, The Knux took stage. You can imagine my disappointment at seeing the Knux in this type of setting, particularly when it seemed most of the crowd was looking for Solange Knowles to take the stage!

Anyway, after getting some food and completely missing the Knux’ set, Estelle took the stage to a sell-out crowd. Despite looking rather masculine, Estelle proceeded to rock the show for about an hour with her live band.

No pictures for this recap….

But how did The Knux get on this tour-date?


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