VTech – the greatest company in the world

vtech_logo1Let me explain my bias first: Tom @ VTech does a lot for hip-hop.

Okay, now that we got that out of the way… the people over at VTech are fans of good music. They’ve put together some truly amazing events early in 2009. They’ve already put together two outstanding events with Mochilla, the “Timeless” concert series… peep the video from the Dilla event here:

Now… let’s just skim the surface on what VTech does outside of this amazing concert series. First, they helped sponsor the dopest showcase I attended at SXSW (Austin, TX) last year: the Duck Down Records / Stones Throw showcase. That shit was EPIC.

Look what they have on tap for SXSW in 2009:


PLEASE support VTech, as they are one of the few companies to support truly dope music.

I’m out, I gotta get some sleep…

OH, before I go, did I mention that VTech got A-Side a 2-hour gig at the Purevolume.com House on the 19th of March? Please make sure you RSVP HERE


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