Shows I Attended: Busta Rhymes @ Club Nokia (3/1)

p1010907On Sunday night I attended yet another dope Busta Rhymes show.

First, let me tell you that this was my first time down at the relatively *new* L.A. Live area over by the Staples Center down in Los Angeles… this is a growing part of town where ESPN is going to be building their new studios, restuarants are coming in, etc.

So I finally got over to the dope venue Club Nokia and this venue might very well be my favorite spot in town.


Anyway, Busta Rhymes rocked his set with Spliff on Sunday night. This man is more than a decade into the game, and he still has more energy and a charismatic live show than 90% of the artists in the game. No lie… Busta Rhymes is still one of the most amazing artists in the game. His catalog / hits are rivaled by few, and this man still brought up Raekwon “The Chef” and Xzibit!


So he rocked the set for more than an hour-and-a-half before I had to run a few interviews for the label. Props to Daylan @ GoTV (Hip Hop Official), Olu @ The L.A Wave, and Coline @ Celebrity High for being extremely patient and conducting some great interviews. Despite getting out of the venue at 3am because we ran the interviews mad-late, Busta was more than kind and great (as always) to run the interviews so late after his set… After all these years in the game, this man is still (relatively) humble and appreciates the folks that are working for them.


Last but not least, be sure to cop the Back On My B.S. album when it drops in April!


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