Shows I Attended: Iglu & Hartly @ The Viper Room (2/5)


Last week I had a couple different events with a group from So-Cal, Iglu & Hartly. While some people might not “get” it… these guys make party music, and watching them perform live really proves it. Besides, there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with attending shows where lots of women happen to be in attendance, right?

Hell, at the end of their set, these guys literaly brought up every chick they possibly could on stage to dance, make-out and party with them!

Creating a lot of buzz overseas with their debut major-label release “& Then Boom”, Iglu & Hartly have taken beach-rock/rap to a new level. Their live show is just as much a party as it is a performance.

“& Then Boom” will be released here in the U.S this April. Until then, if you’re interested, check out their MySpace page

Also, peep the video I took using my Flip video of I&H performing their song “DayGlo”:


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