Shows I Attended: Tyrone Wells @ El Rey Theatre (1/30)

For those who aren’t aware… I’m white and I’m from the suburbs. That combination right there makes me really prone to SSW-Addiction at some point during my adolescent life.

Josh, what’s SSW-Addiction, you ask?

SSW-Addiction is a serious disease. Often attacking young white males during their late teens and college years, SSW-Addiction can often have lasting affects that last a lifetime. SSW stands for Singer-Songwriters… With that said, I’m going to leave you a mini-recap from a recent “singer songwriter” I witnessed perfom late last week, Tyrone Wells.


Mixing in songs each from Hold On as well as the new release, Remain, Tyrone Wells did it all on Friday night. He even did his yodeling portion of his set to the delight of many of the fans in attendance. At one point during the set, Tyrone brought up one of his openers, Keaton Simmons, to play guitar during “Baby Don’t You Change”. Tyrone also did a killer cover of “Zombie”! Some of the other songs that got a great crowd reaction included: “What Are We Fighting For?”, “Hold On”, “Sea Breeze”, as well as “More” and the title track “Remain” from the new album.

Tyrone plugged the Intervention (A&E television) placement he received for “More”, much to the crowd’s delight… but more importantly than that, Tyrone told a story about how he had a fan come up to him recently and express how that song had gotten her through a really tough time in her life. And when Tyrone Wells played “More”, you could really see that the song was connecting with people in the audience as well; some slow-danced with friends or significant others, while more than a few ladies belted the lyrics word-for-word.


After his set, Tyrone began to sign autographs for fans from behind a table. It wasn’t too long before he decided to come from behind the table and take pictures and speak with each fan that patiently waited. He signed for more than an hour and a half! It’s always nice to see a major-label artist “get” the importance of their fans, and spend the time signing autographs and having a conversation…


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