Shows I Attended: Gabriella Cilmi @ Hotel Cafe (1/26)


So last Monday I had to do some set-up and work around the Gabriella Cilmi showcase here in Los Angeles. This girl is 17 years old and HUGE overseas, but her album hasn’t been released yet here in the U.S, and will be coming via Universal Republic Records.

This girl and her band rocked the hell out of the Hotel Cafe the other night. She has a big soulful voice, one you wouldn’t expect from such from an Australian…well, white-woman. But you can tell she’s a fan of acts like Zeppelin and she’s an “old soul” trapped in a (very attractive) teens body. Nah, nobody’s trying to go to jail… I’m just saying she can sing!

Gabriella definitely won-over the industry-crowd in attendance the other night. She even had a lot of the younger crowd going crazy when she did her “Cry Me A River”, Justin Timberlake cover. Better yet, her take on Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” also caught the attention of the older music-heads in attendance.


Check out Gabriella Cilmi’s myspace, and her first single “Sweet About Me”.


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