My Rant — Your Live Show

*steps on soap-box*

Rappers — Stop looking for major-record labels to sign you to a deal.

I’m convinced that everybody who wants a label-deal doesn’t know the business. I’m not saying there aren’t things that major labels can help you with… but you all need to understand the business aspect of the music — business.

What makes you unique?

You make “hits”? Then put your shit up on iTunes and figure out how to market them your damn self.

Do you have fans locally? If the answer to this is “no, not yet”, then why in the hell would somebody waste loot on you? Sometimes it takes money to make money… but with this thing called “the internet”, you can do things effectively for minimal cost.

Here’s an idea, establish a fan-base… locally. Or at least try to start there. Get people to your live shows. You don’t have a live show? GET. OUT. OF. THE. BUSINESS.

Lots of labels and managers are signing artists to 360-deals these days… they want a piece of EVERYTHING you can make. Most of the high-profile artists you all are familiar with make money touring. If you can’t hold-down a live show… well, in the words of Hex, “kill yourself”.

Refine your live show. Sell merch. Give away your music for free. Do something to build a FAN-BASE. I’m sure there will be more on this later… but I just had to rant for a bit.


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