Quannum Records x Shoe Biz SF x Reebok Ventilator Collection

Okay, so one of my boy’s in The Bay put together this really dope collab with the label he works for (Quannum) and Reebok. You don’t have to like the shoes, but at least respect the grind and hustle…


For those that aren’t familiar with Quannum, artists on the label include: Blackalicious, DJ Shadow, Pigeon John, Lyrics Born, etc.

Labels (indie and major) everywhere should try to do more out-of-the-box thinking and collaborations with larger corporations like Quannum did. At the end of the day, if your music is “cool”, it benefits these large corporations to work with you! I’m sure this won’t be a huge money-making venture for any of the parties involved, but nobody’s losing a lot of money, and the buzz alone it has created was a good look for all involved.

crowd lateefjoyo

HypeBeast write-up – HERE

Shoebiz San Francisco blog – HERE

Quannum Records website – HERE


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