Artist of the Week: The Black Ghosts

Black Ghosts album artwork
Okay, so because of my job with Universal, I often get turned onto new “developing” artists’ projects that I am required to work for… well, work. Over the past month or so, there have been a few emails from the staff over at Universal Republic Records about a re-release from, The Black Ghosts. Well, truth be told, when I was finishing up my Q4 in 2008, I didn’t take the time to go to this band’s MySpace page and check them out like I should have.

So, when I received my full-length promo CDs today, I had heard a few good things from people whose opinions I respect, and immediately put in the self-titled CD from this group.

This CD is great! The Black Ghosts are a British Electro duo, but there’s definitely a little bit of “soul” in their music as well. Check out the guys’ MySpace page HERE

Apparently the self-titled album originally was released in mid-2008, but Republic will be re-releasing the album early in 2009.

Before I go, here’s a music video that was done for the first track on the disc, “Some Way Through This”:

Black Ghosts is available on iTunes and Amazon now.


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