Music News: Vinyl Sales Double in 2008

After seeing an increase in 2007, vinyl sales again increased in 2008.  You know vinyl, right?  Those (often) round, black things with grooves that you put on a record player?

According to Nielsen Co., vinyl sales doubled in 2008.

The number of long-play vinyl records sold in the United States rose to 1.88 million units, compared with 990,000 the year before

For more info check out the full-article from today’s Vancouver Sun — HERE

Finally, I’ll leave you all with one of the doper-pieces of vinyl that really created a lot of buzz towards the end of 2008… You’re sure to be hearing more from this man in 2009:

(note: I know some of you might be confused because this is neither round, nor black…but I assure you that it’s still “vinyl”)


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